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Dates to test when looking for Y2K bugs

As of May 21st, 1999

When looking for Y2K bugs in any system, use the following dates as benchmarks. Some systems will find these an "issue", while better designed systems won't care.

From a GroupWise standpoint, v4.1a and above are Y2K complaint with the appropriate patches. For more information on these patches, contact DWS or Novell directly.

This list is in no way complete, nor does DWS or its employees take any responsibility for its accuracy.

  Date Reason for Testing
Sept 9, 1999 9999 on the Gregorian calendar
Dec 31, 1999 Last day in 1999
Jan 1, 2000 First day in 2000
Jan 3, 2000 First day of business in 2000
Jan 10, 2000 First day to require a two digit "day" field (1/10/2000)
Jan 31, 2000 End of the first month in 2000
Feb 29, 2000 Leap-year day for 2000
Mar 31, 2000 End of the first quarter
Oct 10, 2000 First date to require a two digit month field (10/10/2000)
Dec 31, 2000 End of the year
Jan 1, 2001 Beginning of 2001
Dec 31, 2001 Check that the year (2001) has 365 days




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